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Couple tattoos: symbols of union in love
Couples have different ways of showing their love and their union. Any way is good to show the world the happiness that is felt by the other person and, in recent times, it is fashionable to get a joint tattoo that lasts a lifetime.
Each love relationship is different and each couple has its particularities but there are also many tattoos that can perfectly represent the union of the couple with a small drawing or a phrase that will remain etched on the skin forever.

There are many tattoos that can perfectly represent the union of the couple
There are tattoos for the most romantic, for the most carefree, for those who are sure of themselves, for those who seek a greater commitment, for those who work as a team with their partner or for whom the relationship is a trip that does not will end, among others.
Sun and moon  The sun and moon tattoo represents night and day. The two people who have these images engraved on their skin stand out because they complement each other perfectly as a couple despite having certain differences. Each member of the couple will carry one of the elements.
Crowns / king and queen  Another couple tattoo option is queen and king crowns. The woman is tattooed the queen's crown and the man will wear on his skin the king to signal a commitment, a future project and create their own romantic kingdom in which they are always together. It is a tattoo that can be accompanied by a phrase.
Another option to represent that kingdom of love is to tattoo the symbol of king (K) and the queen (Q) of hearts of the poker deck. It means the same as crowns but it is a more discreet and smaller tattoo.
Mr. and Mrs.  Like the crown tattoo, 'Mr. and Mrs. (Mr. and Mrs. in Spanish) represents another step in terms of commitment. Couples who are tattooed this stand out for their desire to formalize the relationship and take it to the next level. The 'Mr.' it will be carried by the man and the 'Mrs.' the woman.
Key and padlock  One of the members of the couple has a key tattoo and the other a heart-shaped padlock to represent that the heart is occupied and that there is only one person with the key. It is a method of saying that it is a serious, solid relationship that your heart already has.
Tattooing with the couple is a way of saying that the heart is busy and that there is only one person who has the key
Bow and arrow  It is another of the tattoos most used by couples and refers to all the problems that have happened together and those that remain to pass. It means that between the two they will fight to overcome all the barriers that stand in their way.
Ship and planet  The tattoo will be formed by a spaceship, which will be tattooed one of the members of the couple, and a planet, which will be tattooed the other. This represents the journey involved in the relationship, the path the couple is traveling and that is a path they will always take together.
Fa / Staff Key  Music lovers also have a tattoo for them since they can tattoo the Fa Code symmetrically. In this way, when they are put together, a heart will form that will give that romantic touch to the tattoo. Wrists or forearms are usually the best places for the Fa Code. The world of music also has another option focused on this sector such as staves. It is another way of putting together in a tattoo his love for the other member of the couple and for the music.
Those who love music and their partner can tattoo something that symbolizes that union
Disney  Childhood is a time that leaves everyone marked and Disney is a benchmark in terms of romantic stories, fidelity and union. For this reason, it is customary to tattoo the silhouettes of Mickey and Minnie, the phrase of Toy Story 'To infinity and beyond' (To infinity and beyond), the Lady and the Tramp or Peter Pan and Wendy, among others.
Anchors  Anchor tattoos on a pair represent the union of both despite any storm or swell. The love relationships of this type are usually formed by two people very sure of themselves who know that their partner will always be by their side.
I love you  It is the classic of tattoos, engraved with ink on the skin 'I love you' is the most repeated in recent years since it is the most direct way of telling the other person what is feel for her You can not be more clear and more direct.
Engraving with ink on the skin 'I love you' is the most direct way of telling the other person what he feels for her
Wolves  Wolves are family animals, who always fight to keep the herd together and do anything for another wolf. In a couple represents that desire and attitude to continue together no matter what happens as these animals do.
Initials  Another option that can be very good in couples is to tattoo the initial of the other with a heart or some other element that makes reference to love. Like 'I love you', it is a very clear and direct way of saying things.

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